Poinsettia Festival - PoinsettiaFest

Poinsettia Festival is a nationwide celebration of the classic Christmas plant, debuting this year with events happening across the UK. Crafty DIY demonstrations with the country’s finest florists are taking place at garden centres in Edinburgh, Staplehurst, Crowborough, Gravesend, Cheshire, Devon and London.


London’s Clifton Nurseries is also taking part by teaming up with celebrity florist Larry Walshe, who’ll be decking-out their gorgeous glasshouse from head to foot with lavish poinsettia displays, in place for most of December plus special events throughout.  


Catch East London’s arm of this year's Christmas PoinsettiaFest at Big Chill Bar, as cool new florist duo Princess & Kō will cover the entire front terrace of the bar with jaw-dropping poinsettia displays, serving as a stage for an eclectic mix of live acoustic music in totally different styles.


Check out the PoinsettiaFest events page on Facebook for up-to-date details!


Something borrowed, something blue,

a poinsettia or two.

Make winter weddings all the more special with the most seasonal of flower stems; the poinsettia. A unique touch and impossible at any other time of year, bringing poinsettia into your big day offers up vibrant colours, delicate textures and large bracts, plus they have a surprisingly good vase-life as a cut flower. Perfectly suited to bridal bouquets and wedding decorations, even chair-backs or cake garnishes.

Stars for Europe have curated a selection of stunning floral design to suit all tastes this winter wedding season.

So browse and enjoy 2016’s poinsettia bridal range, all images are free to download and more information can be provided.


Latest motives...

2015 poinsettia DIY lampshade 02
2015 poinsettia DIY lampshade 01
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2015 poinsettia DIY bottles 02
2015 poinsettia DIY bottles 01
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2015 poinsettia DIY sweet filled vases 07
2015 poinsettia DIY chair decoration 07
Schneewittchen Sternschnuppe 01
Schneewittchen Sternschnuppe
Schneewittchen Eisprinzessin
Schneewittchen Eisprinzessin 01
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