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We’ve a little while to go until Christmas but that doesn’t mean it’s too early to present our new poinsettia-fuelled decoration inspiration!

This year, we celebrate “Inviting Stars“: As a star that returns to mark every Advent season, the poinsettia ushers in the feast of good will. Lovingly and creatively arranged, poinsettias make homes glow and children’s eyes sparkle throughout the period of anticipation. With their wide variety of colours and sizes, poinsettias can accommodate every wish and style. Whether with a modern or classic touch, poinsettia planted arrangements, cut flower designs and many more ideas for home decoration will enhance this year’s gatherings and family joy. Have a look at our ”Home sweet Christmas home“ and enjoy the run-up to Christmas with the poinsettia! 


Latest motives...

2016 poinsettia wedding 01
2016 Mexican Heritage 05

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